Mobile Cyber Espionage is Real

What Organizations Need to Know About Pegasus

On-demand Webinar


With the recent exposure of the highly sophisticated Pegasus spyware, there should no longer be any uncertainty about the potential harm that cybercriminals can cause to individuals and enterprises through our mobile devices (even iOS), without anyone knowing it is happening.

 View this recorded webinar to learn about:

  • Pegasus spyware, a legal product of NSO, an Israeli company

  • How Pegasus gets on a device and silently compromises its integrity

  • What secrets can Pegasus reveal? Everything

  • How to protect my org from Pegasus and other spyware like it

Most importantly, while every mobile security company is now scrambling to add Pegasus detection to their product after the fact, learn how Skycure was already protecting you from Pegasus and probably other unknown spyware, and can continue to protect you from the next spyware that still hasn’t been discovered, and the one after that, before it hits the news.


Meet Your Speaker


Brian Duckering, Head of Product Marketing, Skycure

Brian has been a thought leader and respected advisor in enterprise IT for over 15 years. With experience in engineering, product management, marketing, business strategy and technology evangelism, he has held executive-level positions at business- and consumer-facing companies, both large and small, and has multiple degrees in engineering and technology management. Brian has spent the last seven years focused on enterprise mobility, with a focus on achieving both productivity and security.