On-Demand Webinar: 

Hosted by RSA Conference

Hackers today apply covert and persistent techniques to attack mobile devices. While other PC endpoints have ton of security solutions such as IPS, IDS, Firewall, AV installed, mobile devices are comparatively “naked.” 

In this webcast, security professionals hear mobile security experts Adi Sharabani and Yair Amit describe the current threat landscape for mobile devices and discuss security strategies. They:

  • Outline and demonstrate emerging mobile security threats: from physical, through network and up to application level 

  • Share best practices from around the globe on how to secure the mobile fleet

  • Help organizations create a step-by-step mobile security plan



  Four Horsemen of Mobile Security

Meet Your Speakers:
Adi SharabaniAdi Sharabani, CEO & Co-Founder, Skycure
Adi is CEO and co-founder at Skycure. A world-renowned expert in enterprise software and mobile security, Adi is a Top-Rated Speaker at RSA and other security conferences. Before launching Skycure, Adi built and led Watchfire’s security group and later oversaw security for IBM software products. Adi holds more than 25 patents and earned a BSc in Mathematics and Physics from Tel Aviv University. 


Yair Amit

Yair Amit, CTO & Co-Founder, Skycure
Yair is co-founder and CTO at Skycure, leading the company’s research and vision and overseeing its R&D center. Yair has been active in the security industry for more than a decade with his research regularly covered by media outlets and presented in security conferences around the world. Prior to co-founding Skycure, Yair managed the Application Security and Research Group at IBM, joining through the acquisition of Watchfire. At IBM, Yair led the research and implementation of IBM’s next-generation application security technology.