How do you protect against a vulnerability that affects most Android devices in use today?  How do you even know if you are a victim and all of your data is compromised? 

Accessibility Clickjacking, a vulnerability discovered by Skycure’s Mobile Threat Defense Research Team, is a method hackers may use to gain complete control over an Android device, including acquiring elevated privileges and exposing the content of all apps on the device.

It can compromise container solutions and is extremely difficult to detect.  

View this recorded webinar to:

  • Learn what Accessibility Clickjacking is and how hackers can spy on you and take over your mobile device

  • Learn which Android versions are vulnerable to this type of attack

  • Find out how to protect your mobile devices and your business from hackers 


Meet Your Speaker:
Brian_Duckering_round.pngBrian Duckering, Head of Product Marketing, Skycure
Brian has been a thought leader and respected advisor in enterprise IT for over 15 years. With experience in engineering, product management, marketing, business strategy and technology evangelism, he has held executive-level positions at business- and consumer-facing companies, both large and small, and has multiple degrees in engineering and technology management.  Brian has spent the last seven years focused on enterprise mobility, with a focus on achieving both productivity and security.